Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's the first thing that enters your mind every time you saw a tattoo? Maybe you can imagine another image in your mind. It doesn't matter what's your idea about it. Tattoos are most popular forms of body art. Since then, the art of tattooing has been practiced by several tribes in Japan. Up to no, tattoos still remained in the hearts of many. During early years, tattoos were only seen in men. But as you can observe, there are only a few tattooed women walking down the street or having some beers at the bar
In the past, only a few women have decided to get to tattoos. But as years turned into decades, more and more women have recognized the real purposes of tattoos. As you watch TV or as you browse the net, you can't pass up tattooed women, from celebrities, to models and down to teens. Yet, another thing that's more enticing is the classy designs inked in different parts of their bodies.
When it comes to tattoos, women are more artistic in choosing designs compared to men. It's true that most women can disregard the pain just to look sexy and attractive in the eyes of many. For them, "pain is equal beauty". However, tattoos are not just meant to add appear to the body. Of course, there are individuals who have deeper reasons for getting a tattoo. In most cases, inspiration is one of the reasons why some women want to get tattooed. In times of hardships, they just look on their tattoos and they will be alright.
In contrast, there are also times wherein people are so judgmental. Even though, they have no proofs, they use you judge people through physical aspects. You can't admit that you also do the same every time you saw tattooed women. Do you? Until now there are still people specifically men who can't accept the fact that everything has changed in this world. Until now, they're thinking that tattoos are "tram stamps". However, it's your decision whether you want to get inked or not.
Tattoos can be used as mediums of expressing your love to somebody, or maybe to send your message to the whole world. If you think you're not that kind of woman they're thinking then, there's nothing wrong when getting tattoos. You are just expressing your personality and they have no care about you.
Although, it's quite normal to see tattooed women you still have to choose the design suitable for your body. Remember, getting a tattoo is just a prisoner. Of course if you want to get out you have to suffer from all the sacrifices inside the jail. Tattoos are permanent makers. And once, a tattoo is inked on your skin, you have no chance to change it, unless you decide remove it. And of course you're responsible for getting a tattoo because you are the one who decide.